To our valued Cactus Blue guests:

March 26, 2020

Hey all, 

This might be the toughest call that we have made in the past 15 years at the restaurant…We have decided to temporarily close the restaurant & food truck after tomorrow (Saturday, March 28, 11am-9pm). We have felt so supported by this community and despite a really busy take-out and food truck business over the past 2 weeks, we just think that it’s the right call for our staff to close until the curve flattens.

Everything that we have read says that it is still safe to order take-out and we encourage you to continue to support your local restaurants during this time. What we hope is that we can open again in just a few weeks with a renewed commitment to community and each other. If the trend of eating, drinking and buying local continues, our community will come out stronger than ever. 💕

We send you all so much love and thanks and in particular we want to recognize those who do not have the choice to stay home. We’re hesitant to name a group because we will likely leave someone essential off the list but here’s our attempt: We are grateful to the hospital staffs (human and animal) who are on the front lines of this pandemic under circumstances that are unimaginable; the service industry employees (grocery, child care, sanitation, housekeeping, food service…) who are often under appreciated but have continued to work when & where we need them most; the educators who despite all odds are figuring out ways to reach our children when the kids (and their caregivers) need them most; the neighbors, family and friends who have looked out for all of us (from 6 feet away); and all the others whose work, while sometimes unseen, is not unfelt.🙏

💙From our families to yours with deep appreciation,
Adam, Liz and the entire Cactus Blue family

March 16, 2020

Hey all, 

We are making the tough but important call to close the dining room for the time being. We talked with the staff this morning and are trying to navigate the unknown in the best interest of our community.

Our crew will be on hand to make food for takeout orders and larger deliveries. For every order placed, we are proud to donate a meal to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Lehigh Valley and Northeast Pennsylvania… Second Harvest believes that all people deserve access to healthy, nourishing food and so do we.

We will all get through this together. ❤️

March 14, 2020

This has been a challenging week for all of us as we strive to adjust to this temporary new normal.  When we opened the restaurant over 15 years ago, we put everything we had on the line – every dollar, every spare moment and every hope & dream.  

Now, as we face the challenges of the days, weeks and months ahead, we are acutely aware that the livelihood of our restaurant is no longer just solely our concern – we have a staff of committed, caring, wonderful people who count on this business as well.

With that said, we wanted to let you know the steps that we are taking to make sure that you, our staff and our community stay healthy.  

  • It goes without saying that our serv-safe certified staff has reviewed food handling guidelines and will continue to observe proper hand washing techniques and glove use. The kitchen staff is washing hands and changing gloves even more frequently than recommended via best practices.
  • Our staff know how important it is to keep everyone safe and healthy and we have all committed to only come into the restaurant when we are feeling 100%.
  • As we clean the tables between diners, we have moved from washable cloths and disinfectant spray to the same effective spray cleaner but with disposable, one-use towels.
  • We have stopped setting the table before a guest arrives. Silverware and napkins will only be brought to the table once a guest is seated. Additionally, all of the hot sauces are off the tables. We are glad to bring them out if you would like them, but will remove and sanitize the outside when a guest is done.
  • Menus are being disinfected throughout the day as are doorknobs, handles, restrooms and other surfaces.
  • On our food truck, we have moved to individually wrapped disposable forks so that only the guest who unwraps it, touches their fork. In the restaurant, if you would prefer your food served on disposable plates and with disposable utensils, we are happy to do so (and we may move to this as the only option next week).

Order and Pay Online!

As a reminder, you can order online via ChowNow so that you do not have to exchange money or sign a receipt when you come to pick up your order. You can also feel free to call the restaurant when you get there and we would be glad to bring your order out to you.

Current Hours

We are closed every Sunday and will use this Sunday to reassess where we are and what is best for everyone, especially the most vulnerable among us.

In solidarity, Adam, Liz & the entire Cactus Blue Staff